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The toDateString() method in JavaScript extracts and formats the date portion of a Date object as a string, using the local timezone. It’s ideal for displaying or comparing dates without the complexity of time zones. This article explores its usage, benefits, and comparisons with other Date object methods, offering a concise guide for web developers. 📅✨

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Welcome to the world of Lodash GroupBy! 🌟 In this beginner-friendly guide, we’ll show you how Lodash GroupBy works 🔍 and how it makes data grouping a piece of cake 📊. Learn with real-life examples 🚀, and discover tricks to write efficient code ⚡. We’ll also explain customization options 🛠️ and compare it to traditional methods 🔄. Explore more Lodash utilities 🌐, create awesome user experiences 🌈, and follow best practices 📝. We’ll help you avoid common mistakes ❌ and peek into future trends 🔮. Empower your projects with Lodash GroupBy! 🚀